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2 Learn

florida's high school

and college students will walk out to learn.

Pledge 4 Students' Rights

 I pledge to not support those in power  who don't support students' rights.

any and every floridian can attend off-campus rallies on april 21 at 6pm!!
we've put the four biggest events for you below:

come listen to musicians/speakers like Gabi DeMartino, Grace Gardner, Alluring Skull, Ally Evenson, and more!

the W2L toolkit 

whether you’re an 11th grader in florida looking to organize a walkout or a mother in idaho looking to help out somehow, this guide covers every way in which you can help before, during, and after april 21st. 

register your walkout or rally

if you are organizing a walkout or rally in your city, register it here so people can support! if you already registered your action on our form, we'll be uploading your action shortly!

Image by Marvin Meyer

join our slack!
(this is the best way to get info)!

our slack community is where you'll find all walkout 2 learn updates, where people are connected and trained, and where anyone can find the support they need.

walk out 
with us


don't worry, if your school threatens to punish you, we have lawyers and politicians who will support you. students for generations have walked out, and it's worked. join us in joining them.

high school and college students, get connected to other people walking out on your campus and get what you need for april 21st

thanks for submitting! we'll email you all the info you need soon.

what is walkout 2 learn

Black, queer, trans, and female-identifying people and their histories are the targets of government censorship.

florida's government is, no exaggeration, leading an authoritarian takeover of its public education system.

our governor has forgotten that students have rights.

we're here to remind him.

here's the plan
each w2l action will take place in
3 steps in under 20 minutes.

1. walk out

students walkout of their classrooms at 12:00 pm (unless your campus organizers have communicated otherwise) and text a phone number that will be provided day-of.  

2. pledge & prizes

students will be texted a link with opportunities including a free tote bagstudents can also pledge to use their vote to defend students' rights and have their pledge and voter registration status sent to their school board members and governor. 

3. learn

students will then listen to a 5-minute banned history lesson from one of their peers, who will have been trained to deliver this lesson by harvard educators. then, students will be invited to enroll in a virtual, college-level African American History course! (students will receive a certification to put on college applications).

how anyone can help from anywhere:


florida students:

this is a movement built by and for florida's students (so we very much know what you're going through). we need you to lead or join your school's walkout and lead or join your city's rally! on april 21, the country will be looking at florida's students. fill out the form above to help show them what we got!


floridians not in school:

florida's students will not be able to win this fight alone. this a revolution that every single floridian must participate in if we are to win back our state. we need you to help organize or attend your city's rally. fill out the form above!


everyone outside florida:

the facism that's devouring florida will not be satisfied at the borders of our state. educational censorship is already becoming a national issue, and on april 21, we need you to sign the active pledge that will send a message to your elected officials about what matters to you. until then, please share all of our social media content, encourage anyone you know in florida to participate, and donate if you can!


this course is certifiable, virtual, and created by game-changing Black history professors from the country's

top-ranked institutions.

this course is only available to florida residents.

thanks for submitting! more coming soon.

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